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dorc-egymedical www.dorc.nl

A passion for ophthalmic surgery

We enhance global eye surgery by offering innovative quality approaches for eye disorders.

For more than 30 years D.O.R.C. has worked intensively with leading top surgeons. Therefore at D.O.R.C. we know exactly which requirements instruments and equipment must satisfy. Our knowledge, combined with a unique mix of talent for the development of new ideas, high design quality and a strong product philosophy, results in highly innovative products.

D.O.R.C. exports its instruments and equipment to more than eighty countries worldwide and has its own sales and marketing organisations in the USA, France, Germany, Middle East, Scandinavia, UK, Austria, Belgium and The Netherlands.



Quantel Medical

Global therapeutic solutions in ophtalmology

The Quantel Group from France founded Quantel Medical in1993. It was formed as a subsidiary to offer innovative solutions in ophthalmology, from ocular diagnosis to laser treatment. Quantel Medical is headquartered in Cournon dAuvergne on the outskirts of Clermont-Ferrand, a region known for technologically advanced companies.

The company manufactures and markets a full range ofultrasoundandlaserproducts designed for ophthalmology. Being a pioneer in the development of medicaltechnologies, Quantel Medical has become the leader in bothocular ultrasoundandlaser photocoagulation.

1stq-egymedical http://www.1stq.de

1stQ puts ophthalmic surgeons into the position to achieve any visual result desired.
Meanwhile, our in-house developed IOL concept Q functional is being employed on a worldwide level. Because our lenses can easily be combined with individual functions, which allows us to meet all requirements of patients in an economical way.

akrus-egymedical http://www.akrus.de/

Since 1946 akrus has been focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of high quality and technically advanced medical devices for various medical applications. With both, domestic and international customers and business associates we enjoy a long standing reputation as a dependable and competent business partner and supplier.